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Placing an Order Online

For all charges for any products and services sold on the Admiral Web Site, Admiral will bill your credit card or alternative payment method offered by Admiral at the time of Check out. Any seasonal surcharges will be included in your order's delivery total and are non-refundable. In the event legal action is necessary to collect on balances due, you agree to reimburse Admiral for all expenses incurred to recover sums due, including attorneys' fees and other legal expenses. You are responsible for purchase of, and payment of charges for, all Internet access services and telecommunications services needed for use of this Web Site.

Our simple checkout process is designed to help you complete your order and finalize your online shopping visit quickly and easily.

1.     If you have already registered your e-mail address with Admiral, or created an account at our online shop before, you can use your e-mail address to login. Otherwise, you can check out as a guest or create an account.

§  Having an account will give you access to handy features such as the address book and your personal order history.

§  The first two steps of the checkout ask for your delivery and billing address. If your billing address is the same as your delivery address, simply check the checkbox and the billing address will be filled out automatically.

§  If you have stored an address during previous checkouts, you can also use the address book to select this address.

2.     Next up is the payment information.

§  You can pay either with debit or credit card.

§  Once you have entered all your data on this page and clicked continue, money will only be transferred from your card once you confirm your order on the next page.

§  Please note that to ensure the safety of your data, your debit or credit card data will not be stored on our systems.

3.     When you have completed your payment information you will enter a screen with your Admiral order overview.

§  Please check all the information on this page, since this is your last chance to correct it.

§  After hitting "Confirm Order", your order will be processed and sent to the warehouse and payment will be charged to your chosen billing method.

4.     We accept the following payment methods: 
• Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover
• PayPal
• Admiral Gift Vouchers


Placing an Order Direct with Admiral

When the Organization is ordering directly and not online, please email your Sales Associate your order. In the subject line, please type the name of the Organization and the word ORDER in capital letters. Please DO NOT email the order detail in the body of the email.  Please attach you order (usually an easily understood Word or Excel file) to your e-mail.  Note that an order cannot be entered into our system until all of the details are clarified. i.e. style, color, size, logos etc. so to clarify, the date in which you send us your order does NOT dictate the start date for the purposes of lead times stated by Admiral for fulfillment of your order.

In the event that the Organization is placing a Recreational order, we ask that the Organization ONLY use Admiral’s recreational order form which can be requested through your Sales Associate.  It contains a substantial number of “Macros” that allow us to enter, pick, pack, sort and ultimately deliver your order in a timelier manner.

A)   Order Instruction

It is important we get instruction on orders from one person in the Organization. Otherwise, we could have different people in the Organization giving us conflicting or confusing instruction.  This can lead to mistakes which we obviously want to avoid.

B)   Order Confirmation

When your Sales Associate enters an order, they will send you an order confirmation.  You should read this carefully to ensure we have correctly interpreted your requirements. This confirms all of the details of an order and also the current pricing.

C)   Order Approval

Following receipt of the order confirmation, we ask that you send an email to your Sales Associate approving all details within the order confirmation. If you don’t get an order confirmation to approve the order, this means that it is not in our system.  If you don’t approve the order confirmation, we cannot move to the next stage.

D)   Deposit

At this point your Sales Associate or our Credit Department will ask for a deposit of 35% or full payment depending on the order value. Payment can be made using: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, or checks which must clear prior to production commencing.  When the deposit is paid, the production process will begin. It is THIS DATE that is recognized by Admiral as the START DATE for determining delivery timelines. If we do not have up-to-date payment details on file, we can’t process your order. So please do send your Sales Associate up-to-date account set-up and payment forms. Without a deposit, we do not proceed with production and the START DATE, as it relates to TURNAROUND timelines, does not begin.

E)    Payment

On the day of shipping, once the order is picked, packed and ready to ship, Admiral will contact the Organization for the balance of the payment which includes the freight amount. When the payment is made, the order will be shipped using UPS. We can’t calculate the final cost before the shipping is calculated as this varies according to the size of the box, weight, delivery address etc. It is the Organization’s responsibility to pay for products ordered. Admiral will not be responsible for delays in delivery due to payments not being made on time.

F)    Past Due Account 

Any orders placed on a past due account will be sent out prepaid, C.O.D., cash/check along with the past due balance on that account. Also, the account may be changed to prepaid/C.O.D. terms permanently. Our credit department will contact you. Past due accounts will be charged at the rate of 1.5% per month (18% per annum)

G)   Returned Checks

A fee of $10.00 is charged. If for any reason a check is not paid by your bank, your pending orders will not be shipped and thereafter your account will be treated as a new account and all orders will be shipped cash or C.O.D.

H)   Refused shipment  

If a shipment is refused, the customer will be charged for all freight and handling charges. A restocking charge of 15% will be applied. Any further orders will be prepaid only.

I)      US tax 

We do not charge tax on orders delivered to the USA (except Florida) as we are servicing out of state/country so taxes do not apply. For deliveries to other countries, local customs officials will assess taxes/duties before allowing the item to enter your country. The carrier will usually pay these fees on your behalf and collect them from you at the time of delivery. Outside of the USA customers are responsible for ALL customs fees, including duties, taxes, brokerage fees, and any other fees, assessed at the border before delivery.

J)    Cancellations

Orders cannot be cancelled once confirmed either online, via phone or in writing as at this point, they will have gone into administration and production.

K)   Returns

The Company does accept returns of non-custom, non-embellished product within 14 days of delivery provided these products are returned in their original condition (brand new, unworn, unlaundered, unembellished).  Returns must be accompanied by a Return Authorization Number (“RA”) issued by the Company. Your Sales Associate can issue this RA if the return meets the conditions stated above.