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How to I get the right size for jerseys, shorts and socks?

  • Please do not use another vendors sizing to determine the sizing of Admiral products.
  • We do have a fitting room on line for sizing of product. You can use the fitting room, print a measuring tape, and enter waist and chest size to estimate the size of uniforms (this is a recommendation only). See our fitting room 
  • If you are on the high side of any size range, you may elect to move up one size if you like your garments to fits lose. Admiral garments are modern cuts which mean that are more fitted to body than older traditional sports shirts.
  • The fitting room is an excellent tool for estimating the size of Admiral product that you may require. However, it is only a guide. It is not meant to replace sizing samples of the products You should NOT use this "guide" as the sole determinant when buying Admiral products which is why we also supply clubs with sizing samples for try on locally.

Are your jerseys and short sizing consistent between designs?

  • Sizes of products for ALL BRANDS often vary based upon the style, age of the garment, intended functionality and price point. Older garments tend to have “more room” than newer garments because as fashions change the style and fit changes.
  • Training garments are more fitted and polo’s are differently “patterned” as they are not for “active training”. There is a reason for every fit. Think of this like straight leg, skinny or boot cut jeans. The same waist size may seem to fit differently which does not automatically make it an incorrect size.
  • Select our ProFit cut designed for Pro teams, styled to be body fitting or our ActiveFit an open relaxed fit, for extra comfort.
  • One player’s (or parents of a player) idea of a proper fit routinely differs from another’s and so this is exactly why we offer our clubs the Size it Up program (see below).


If there’s no local representative how do we try on product? We provide team kit for try outs and for use as loaner kit through our “Size It Up” program “Size It Up”. These Size it UP kit’s need to be ordered by the club once the club have approved their kit design. They are produced with the #80 and up on the back. The samples will be kept by the club and taken to tryouts to be used as sizing samples. They will then be used by the club as needed for players who lose their kit, late registrations and late orders. They can be handed out to be kept by the player or used as loaners until their online order arrives. This program will achieve a number of things;

  • It ensures players who try on samples will be clear about what size they need to order.
  • It ensures coaches, players and parents expectations are met prior to ordering.
  • It ensures replacements are on hand as necessary.
  • It will clearly show the club exactly what you are going to receive before the bulk order process starts. At this point changes can be made but the samples will belong to the club regardless.
  • It removes the need to have a local retail environment to “try on product”. 

Do you offer women’s fit product?

  • Admiral offer women’s shape jerseys. The jersey is the same specification as a men’s jersey but in production the jersey is shaped to fit a woman meaning the waist is taken in about 1 ½” on each side.
  • Admiral offer women’s fit shorts. They are different to men’s shorts in that we decrease the front and back rise, increase the hip slightly and also decrease the length. If a woman wears a men’s Adult Medium they will wear a women’s Adult Medium but it will be a better fit for a woman’s body.
  • We also offer Admiral ID outerwear in a women’s fit. We like most other brands find that clubs order unisex training pants and size accordingly.
  • How long is the inseam on the shorts? All shorts are slightly different based upon style and intended fit. A short can have a 3” inseam and the short is longer than others. It is the front and back rise, coupled with the outer seam that dictates the overall length. Take a look at the photos in our catalog for an idea of how long a short is and how they fit by simply looking at the action images of shorts on players.   

The fitting room -

The Sizing Guide;